3 Shockingly Easy Fixable Lifestyle Mistakes to Increase Fertility

Have you been trying to conceive a baby and not finding any success? You may find some comfort in knowing that one in every ten American couples experience fertility challenges.

During my own journey to motherhood, I woke up often to see the dreaded period come like clockwork every month, despite my best efforts. It was a lonely, frustrating journey for months.   

Ayurveda, India’s ancient science of longevity, offers many practical solutions to improve our lifestyle, diet and sleep habits bringing greater ease in our bodies that naturally increase fertility.

Here are the several lifestyle mistakes that you might be making that may be hindering your chances of  getting pregnant.

I will explain them in detail in a bit, but first let’s look at each one of them:

  1. Increased work load during fertility window.
  2. Fertility zapping diet and lifestyle.
  3. Fertility Goddesses and their emotional responses
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Increased workload during fertility window

When you were dating you wondered how many days after period is it safe to avoid a pregnancy, now you watch your most fertile days from Day 4 of your period to Day 15 like a tigress.

This is a time when you must avoid any kind of heavy work that taxes you or tires you out completely.

Often women and men continue their journey to parenthood without stopping to make space in their lives for a new baby, taking as many projects at work as possible, sometimes taking even bigger workloads in anticipation of the stepping back from work for caring for the baby and to meet future financial goals for school and college fees.

Time management to Increase Fertility

During the time you and your partner are planning to conceive, its best to focus on managing time the best it is possible, delegating tasks to coworkers, and having a meeting with your manager on your future goals will ease your schedule.

If it is possible to reduce work hours, it will be beneficial for the duration of trying to get pregnant. Stress has an extremely negative effect on pregnancy.

Suppression of Impulses, Vega Dharana      

Ayurveda warns against the suppression of the body’s natural urges which are:

The urge to urinate, bowel movement, ejaculations, passing gas, urge to vomit, sneeze, belching, yawning, hunger, thirst, urge to cry, urge to go sleep, rapid breathing during exertion are urges that should never be suppressed.

These urges are natural movements arising from the circulatory functions in the body and help the body straighten any kinks in the movement flow. Holding the natural urges to eliminate have a real effect in health.

The emotional urges of greed or lobha, grief or shoka, fear or bhaya, anger or krodha, ego or ahankar, shamelessness or nirlajata, envy or irshya, jealousy or abhyasuya, passion or kama, pride or mana, arrogance or mada, anxiety or cittodvega, anguish or vishada, victim mentality or dainya are advised to be sublimated or lightened in the company of friends.

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Fertility zapping diet and lifestyle

Our modern fast paced lifestyle built around office work or errands to get children to school do not leave much time to take care of ourselves, cook wholesome fresh meals and time to spend exercising or meditating. These nonstop activities zap the joy out of life. Soumanasya is the greatest medicine for improved fertility. Soumanasya means a mind that is at peace and is a joyful.

Here are some lifestyle mistakes that may be keeping you from your goal.

The dangers of eating stale food

The most perfectly wholesome life-giving food is a meal prepared from fresh ingredients and eaten within 3 hours. Most of us are unable to do this. Eating frozen readymade meals or store-bought food is a habit that will affect the most subtle aspect of our health, our Ojas.

Ojas is the directly related to our immunity and fertility. When the body is at the right balance or metabolism, building up and breaking down, heat producing and cooling down, then Ojas is a natural result.

Not taking care of underlying Health Issues

Subfertility or delay in conceiving is usually also made worse by underlying health issues. IBS, menstruation, or hormonal imbalances need to be first addressed with a general physician or an Ayurveda physician.

Lack of Structure and supportive rituals

Daily timely eating and sleeping is essential for the body to be in peak fitness and health. In our busy lifestyles, we forget to have a schedule for eating, sleeping and hygiene rituals. Ayurveda advises a supportive framework of self-care rituals, eating times and regular sleep schedule and winding down rituals.

Fertility Goddesses and their emotional responses

Fertility Goddesses are always shown wearing serene expressions and this expression holds the key to fertility. While it may not seem like emotions have a role to play in delaying in conceiving, Ayurveda considers a joyful mind “soumanasya” as the best recipe to increase fertility. As you go through your day, observe your thoughts and emotional landscape.

Improving your PMS experience

If you have painful periods or abnormalities it is important to resolve the underlying health issues with a wholesome diet, exercise and hormonal balance.

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Stressful reactions to others

As we go through life, the emotions we feel either lead us to health or take away our vibrancy. During the time we are focused on conceiving, actively managing and taking time to respond to negative emotions, learning new vocabulary to manage communication with loved ones, and being patient with self are necessary skills.

Lack of enthusiasm for life                                           

Going from chore to chore takes away our enjoyment for life, this enjoyment is a key ingredient of improved fertility.

Stop to smell the roses, take time to dress up and wear make-up, hang out with friends and schedule dates with your partner.

Ayurvedic Fertility Treatments for better health and to increase Fertility

Here are some Ayurveda approved tools and tips that will help with developing a peaceful mind and a vibrantly healthy body.

Abhyangam massages

Abhyangam massages with an oil of choice will boost fertility if done regularly at least once every three days. Use any edible nourishing oil and apply on your body, wash off after 30 minutes. This helps to improve digestive fire, sleep and immunity, all leading to improved fertility.

Meals prepared with fresh ingredients

Meals prepared with fresh ingredients are best for fertility. Foods, when trying to get pregnant, should include bitter and astringent tastes from greens like spinach, kale, nettle and fenugreek leaves. Adding fertility teas made of spices like roasted fenugreek, barley, fennel, black seeds, carom and coriander help improve digestion and reduce gas and bloating.

Taking charge of your fertility through Meditation practices

Taking charge of your fertility through Meditation practices has real and lasting effect on your emotional landscape. Find 15 minutes to either do a meditative exercise practice or clear space in your home for a sitting down meditation. Yoga, Tai Chi, mantra chanting, TM are all excellent mindfulness practices to restore balance in your life.

Detox Cleanse

A Detox Cleanse is in order if both the partners are healthy and still there is a delay in conceiving. You may opt for a home-based cleanse regimen or choose an Ayurveda Panchakarma detox at a retreat center. If the underlying health issues are chronic then a Panchakarma is an effective solution.

If you have been taking good care of yourself but are failing at conceiving, then these tips will surely make a difference for you and your partner.

Reach out to me for a health consultation so we can do an in-depth review of what should be the main focus for your treatment.

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